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Re: New engine for the GT...which one?

On Feb 29,  3:37pm, Darin Nederhoff wrote:
> Subject: Re: New engine for the GT...which one?
  Granted, this is
> done with a little clutch manipulation, but nothing major (ie: no
> 6000 rpm drops... maybe around 3500 rpm).  If you baby the car,
> you will start out somewhat slow... but only for about 2 seconds,
> then it's BOOM -redline time!  ;)

	Yes, but I guess that's exactly it. I wouldn't trade my
	20V 200Q for anything, but you instantly know you don't have
	a V8 under the hood when you drive it, especially from a
	standstill.  You do have to drive it with ... how shall I put it
	... verve and enthusiasm to induce it to give of its best.

	Add to that the fact that there's no wheel-spin even on
	(to borrow a metaphor from a previous posting) NHRA style
	launches probably lessens the drama a bit.


	'91 200Q
	'85 5KT

Arun Rao
1001 W. Cutting Blvd.
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804