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Re: New engine for the GT...which one?

> pretty darn hard if you're not ready for it!  ;)  Granted, this is
> done with a little clutch manipulation, but nothing major (ie: no
> 6000 rpm drops... maybe around 3500 rpm).  If you baby the car,
> you will start out somewhat slow... but only for about 2 seconds,
> then it's BOOM -redline time!  ;)
> Not trying to discredit you here or anything Adam, but have you
> driven the S4?

No I have not, but I understand were you're comming from (on a smaller 
scale).  Our 'buru Legaski behaves in much the same way.  The nature of 
the 16 valve head, and the exhaust system push the power band up above 
3500 RPM.  I have learned how to get the thing into the power band right 
off the line, and I beat a 5 liter mustang doing it!  I have driven my 
friend's turbo legacy, and was able to get the tires to bark off the 
line.  The only thing I hate about that engine is that cruising at 70 in 
5th the engine is noticably out of the power band.  If I encounter even 
the slightest hill it starts losing speed, and a downshift is in order.  
No big deal, just a slight PITA to downshif then reset the CC.

Adam Dieckerhoff
Pacific Lutheran University