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Re: New engine for the GT...which one?

>On Thu, 29 Feb 1996, Glen Powell wrote:
>> I would not call the 20V turbo w/max torque at 1950 RPM lacking of low end....
>I would.  That figure is measured with the turbo already spun up.  In 
>reality (like sitting at a stop light), the turbo is rarely spun up at 1950 
>rpm, and therefore cannot produce max boost.
>Adam Dieckerhoff
>Pacific Lutheran University

Hmmm... I haven't been following this thread much, but if you're
talking about the turbo 20V that's in the S4, I ASSURE you that it
is VERY low-end capable.  In reality (sitting at a stoplight) the
S4 can launch so hard that you can whack your head on the headrest
pretty darn hard if you're not ready for it!  ;)  Granted, this is
done with a little clutch manipulation, but nothing major (ie: no
6000 rpm drops... maybe around 3500 rpm).  If you baby the car,
you will start out somewhat slow... but only for about 2 seconds,
then it's BOOM -redline time!  ;)

Not trying to discredit you here or anything Adam, but have you
driven the S4?



Mason City, IA

'93 S4
'87 4kCSQ
'86 XR4ti