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Re: S6 vs. S4

>i think I might be interested.  no need to do any excess digging. But if
>you are in for parts or something (knock wood) I would like to know.
>Thanks Darin,


Sorry about the delay... I just got the info on the S4's available
in Minneapolis today.

Carousel Imports (612)-544-0612

Has the following cars....

1993 S4  Emerald Green / black leather, 44,000 miles   $30,900
        Warranty until 50,000 miles... probably
1994 S4  Emerald Green / black leather, 6 disc CD changer, 22,000
        miles,   $36,900   Warranty still applies
1994 S4  Black / Ecru , 43,000 miles,   $ 34,900

Apparantly, the boost gauge / computer was deleted in '93-'96... 
anyone out there that can verify this as fact or fiction???

'Tis all....  (usual disclaimers...blah blah..)


Mason City, IA

"A few Q's and an X"

'93 S4
'87 4kCSQ
'86 XR4ti