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Re: 3000 rpm wall

At 06:46 PM 2/29/96 -0500, you wrote:
>On Thu, 29 Feb 1996, Dave Head wrote:
>> First - does it run smoothly?  If your fuel injection is acting up, you will
>> have low power.  When you let off gas, does it choke, want to die?  Is it
>> hard starting - does it 'lope', or barely run?  
>Yes, the car runs very nice and smoothly.  No, the car doesn't want to 
>die.  It starts up just fine, and idles well too.
>> First thing to check is that throttle body to intercooler hose.  Then check
>> for air leaks at every vacuum/rubber hose in there.  You can run the
>> ignition/FI diagnostics and see if any sensors are acting up.
>I have to check all the hoses, this hasn't been done yet and I guess it 
>might be the problem area.  But note what I said above.
>> My point is that as your car ages, and if the previous owner neglected care
>> and attention (as mine did), crazy things that can be hard to track down
>> will happen.  Give me some more data on the history and how it acts - I'll
>> feed ya all the info and help I can (BTW - there's guys here that make me
>> look like an infant when it comes to Audi repairs! - just ask for help...).
>Yeah, the previous owner probably wasn't really good to the car.  He esp. 
>did a butcher job on the wiring system installing a phone and security 
>system--half the relays under the steering column look like they are in 
>the wrong place or just plain not there; it's amazing (almost) all the 
>stuff inside still works.  
>Some more info:  like I said, can't get up much past 3000 rpm, boost 
>pressure doesn't seem to want to go over about 1.0 (maybe 1.1), even when 
>I am moderately driving up a highway-hill at say 70 I get the 
>boost-pressure light.  Engine does run smoothly the whole time though, 
>doesn't seem jumpy or jerky.

I'll be happy to send you the codes for the ignition/FI.  I'm not familiar
with a boost pressure light - my 87 tq has digital boost guage.  I noticed
in the Superchips web page the other night that the 2wd and automatic
versions of the turbo don't run as high a boost stock as the turbo quattro.
I could copy the elctrical diagrams for your turbo (86 5kst right) - by the
way - 1/2 those relays aren't supposed to be there!  
If you are overboosting in reality, the fuel pump cutoff should kick in -
and you will KNOW it!  It could be that it is only partially sensing it and
retarding the heck out - not sure (kinda guessing).  We'll post this and see
if anyone else has a clue...
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