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Re: 3000 rpm wall

At 09:04 PM 3/1/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Really? OK that info about the relays makes me feel a little bit better.  
>Please do send the codes for the ignition/FI.  How do I test them 
>again?  Something with putting a fuse in some location or something, 
>right?  hehehe what a clueball I am.  Where can I get a Bentley repair 
>manual, and how much will it run me?
People have posted the phone #. The addr from my book is
Robert Bentley, Publishers
1000 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, Mass. 02138
You can order direct, or via yer dealer, or via bookstore:
ISBN 0-8376-0370-6 (2 books, about $100.00 - yikes!) 84-88 5KS including t,
tq, diesel (yuck), wagon...
Occasionally found in used bookstores...
The relays for Aux panel 1 are # as follows:
(applies to 1986 turbo/turbo quattro - ea # corresponds to a relay location)

13    14     15    16     17     18

1     2      3     4      5      6

7     8      9     10     11     12

1= ABS combi relay
3= Chime Warning Relay
4=Power Window/Sunroof control unit
5=Front lamp monitoring unit
6=Power Window relay
7=Idle Control
8=Idle Control
9=Idle control
10=Radiator Cooling fan, 3rd stage
12=Rear defogger
13=Seat heater control (passenger)
14=Seat Heater control (driver)
15=Injector cooling fan
16=circuit breaker for seat/windows
18=radio/parking light warning buzzer

WRT checking codes:  Does your fuel pump relay have a place to slip a fuse
in (up on top)? ok...
The codes are stored in memory, and are erased when you shut it off.  There
are input diagnosis checks, and output diagnosis checks.  When you put a
fuse in that spot on the relay (4 sec min), it kicks it into diagnosis mode.
The little orange engine hurt light blinks twice, then blinks a 4 digit
code, pauses, then repeats. 
For input diagnosis, you must bridge the contacts again to see the next
code. When you get to 0000 then yer done.
86-88 turbo models (include quattro)
Test conditions (input diag) - test drive 5 min, min 3000 rpm, 1.2 bar boost.
bridge contacts,
4444   no fault in memory
0000   end of diagnosis   (warning lite off for 15 sec after start signal)
1111   control unit        defective mem ckts in control unit (bummer!)
2111   RPM sensor          control unit not receiving signal
2112   timing ref signal   control unit not recieving signal, distrib adj off
2113   Hall sending unit   control unit not recieving sig, distri improp adj
2221   Vac hose to ECU     leaking, plugged, disconnected
2222   Press sensor-ECU    defective
2141   Knock control       timing at max retard (or low octane fuel)
2142   Knock sensor        defective or open ckt
2123   full throt switch   defective or open ckt
2121   idle switch         defective or open ckt
2312   engine temp sensor  defective or open ckt
2322   intake air sensor   defective or open ckt
2342   oxygen sensor       defective or open ckt

output diagnosis - checks each component.
test condition - switch ignition off. Switch back on - do not start or crank
engine (puts it back to input mode)
bridge contacts
code displayed 4433 - for fuel pump relay and pump - pump runs
disconnect fuel pump (don't have to, damn good idea - otherwise you'll have
full system pressure while you go through the rest of the checks :(...
bridge contacts
code displayed 4441 - for OXS freq valve - this is the dude that buzzes like
a bee by the fuel distributor - valve buzzes
bridge contacts
code displayed 4442 - for wastegate freq valve - valve clicks
bridge contacts
code displayed 4443 - for cold start valve - cycles on/off 10 seconds (if
you blew off disconnecting fool pump, you're now puddling fuel in yer intake...)
bridge contacts
code displayed 4343 - for charcoal cannister shutoff valve - valve operates.
end - switch off ignition.

You said something about a boost warning light.  If this is the bottom
middle engine light (or the light that blinks when you do these
diagnostics), that is NOT a boost warning light - its yer ignition light
telling you its got a problem...  You should have the computer system that
tells you miles to go, ave speed, boost etc....  You do have this, right?
As we're getting into this, I think you're getting an error when you get to
3000 rpm, and thats what yer seeing...

I'll post this to the list so other non Bentley owners can slip by another
month or two until they give up and buy one...

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EMCM(SW) Dave Head
87 5KCSTQ 170K miles and counting...
1.8 bar boost - @ 1.3 the shuttle launches
Maitland FL