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Total Sales for V8 quattro and Coupe quattro

There have been a couple of questions recently regarding the number of V8
quattros sold in the U.S.  Here are annual sales figures from introduction
through the the end of 1995

Note that these quantities do not report model year totals; they are based on
sales in the referenced calendar year.  If it were reallly important to
somebody, I could probably find a way to split the data out into model year
totals.  For now, suffice it to say that the vast majority of all V8 quattros
sold here were from the first (1989) model year.

As a bonus, and at no additional cost, I've thrown in the totals for the
Coupe quattro, since it was handy (and we were out of the Ginsu steak

Calendar year     V8 quattro     Coupe quattro
1989                    889              461
1990                  1934              847
1991                    527              364
1992                    270                58
1993                    170                --
1994                     77                 --
1995                      1                  --

Total                   3868             1730