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Re: 1990/1991 90's - which are 20v

I have them on my Coupe, and they are one piece, with screws around the 
circumference to look like three piece. In my dreams are they three piece. 
Lighter, perhaps forged, and prone to leaking if tubeless.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
'90 Coupe Quattro
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>From Andrew Duane USG/PE <duane@zk3.dec.com>, on 3/5/96 1:51 PM:
To: <peterhe@microsoft.com>
Cc: <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>

Hairy green toads from Mars made Peter Henriksen say:

> Isn't there something about the wheels too? I've only seen the nice
> 3-piece look ones with the bolts all around the edge on the 20v models.
> - peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, redmond, wa
>   91 200qw
>   94 acura legend gs
>   80 mazda 626

Nope. Angela's has the standard BBS basket-weave rims, although they
are painted pearl white to match the car. I've seen those 3-piece rims
on coupes, but never on a 90.


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