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Shop recommendation ???

	I figure I'll test the waters of the protocol police before posting
a recommendation for a local Audi shop. I admit deleting the recent threads
before reading in regards to the "should this guy be allowed to advertise"
vrs "is he really advertising ?" etcs...  

	Anyway, for those of you in the central Mass, specifically Westminster
area, there's a shop nearby run by an Audi kinda guy that is a real find !  He
has dealt with a few of you in the past but I've personally never heard his name
metioned or found him the vendors list. Matter if fact he just informed me he
once got a ride in Ned R.'s 5000 and sold him some 20V stuff. Ned, if you read
this, I WANT A RIDE !!!   

	Figure someone else out there may as well take advantage, just don't 
want to get flamed before I post the particulars...