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Re[2]: Have You Played This Game Today?

     Jim, what type of controls do you use?  Joystick, keyboard, steering 
     wheel?  If steering wheel, what brand and model?
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Re: Have You Played This Game Today?
Author:  Jim Griffin <JGriff@ix.netcom.com> at Internet
Date:    3/6/96 9:58 PM

At 02:15 AM 03/06/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>Anybody out there hooked on Ridge Racer II?  It's probably fairly old - 
>>things are slow to come to Alabama.
>It's a Interesting game but it's to much of just that, A game.....  Try 
>to find Daytona, Sega Rally or Sega Indy car, Those are simulations...... 
>Eric Fletcher
Are we talking PC-based games? (Sorry, I just re-subscribed after a short 
If so, definitely try Road & Track's "The Need for Speed" on CD-rom. It is 
made by Electronic Arts, and it is AWESOME!! Seven different cars to choose 
from (no Audis though, but there is the Diablo VT, with AWD, which is great 
to drive!!), and they have gone to painstaking efforts to closely simulate 
each vehicle's engine sounds and handling characteristics. This can clearly 
be seen when you drive the Porsche 911, with the "loose" rear-end, vs. the 
Diablo with AWD, and awesome traction.
There are several different tracks, and there is even one where you race 
through city streets, and if you are not careful, a cop will pull you over 
and give you a ticket!! On the second ticket, you get thrown in jail and the 
game is over!! (Of course, if you get this far, it is 'cuz you ignored the 
radar detector they have mounted on the visor!)
As well, the game can be set up to be played via modem, with others. Hmmm, 
perhaps this group can set up a little tournament? Of course, we'd have to 
"handicap" all the esteemed driving instructors.... :-)
For those race fans and drivers alike, this is one to get. A good way to 
(I hope this has not been discussed recently; I had unsubscribed for a 
little bit... and have been out of touch. Sorry if it has been...)
Enjoy the racing....
                      Jim Griffin
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