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Re: Have You Played This Game Today?

>Are we talking PC-based games? (Sorry, I just re-subscribed after a short

Nope were talking Coin-Op stuff.

>If so, definitely try Road & Track's "The Need for Speed" on CD-rom. It is
>made by Electronic Arts, and it is AWESOME!! Seven different cars to choose
>from (no Audis though, but there is the Diablo VT, with AWD, which is great
>to drive!!), and they have gone to painstaking efforts to closely simulate
>each vehicle's engine sounds and handling characteristics. This can clearly
>be seen when you drive the Porsche 911, with the "loose" rear-end, vs. the
>Diablo with AWD, and awesome traction.
>There are several different tracks, and there is even one where you race
>through city streets, and if you are not careful, a cop will pull you over
>and give you a ticket!! On the second ticket, you get thrown in jail and the
>game is over!! (Of course, if you get this far, it is 'cuz you ignored the
>radar detector they have mounted on the visor!)
Played it, It's pretty good.  NASCAR and INDY Car by Papryus are 
excellent (Right Scott?) But then I might be "Just" A little biased.  The 
Programmers went through a 3 day Race school that I was the chief 
Instructor at, So they could better understand vech. dynamics.

>As well, the game can be set up to be played via modem, with others. Hmmm,
>perhaps this group can set up a little tournament? Of course, we'd have to
>"handicap" all the esteemed driving instructors.... :-)

Small Problem.... I don't have no stikin Pee Cee.........

>For those race fans and drivers alike, this is one to get. A good way to
>(I hope this has not been discussed recently; I had unsubscribed for a
>little bit... and have been out of touch. Sorry if it has been...)

Glad your back.....

>Enjoy the racing....

I Always do!


Eric Fletcher