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Re: Have You Played This Game Today?

>It's an arcade game called Sega Rally. The best driving game I've 
>played yet.  It's a 2-player with virtual reality  technology.  You can 
>race against the computer or another player.  Choice of two cars -- a 
>Lancia rally car, which handles much like an Audi, and a Toyota Celica 
>GT.  You can choose from a 4-speed automatic or a clutchless 4-speed 
>manual in either car.  You race on one of several European 
>autocross-type racecourses.

It's a excellent game, One of the malls here has a four player set-up and 
when the High score screen comes on all it's got is my inital's all the 
way across for all the high scores.  

The game That  I'm playing lately is the Indycar game by sega.... Even 
Better than rally!  You have a choice of a road course that is based on 
the best coners on the road courses that Indycar use's (The corkscrew at 
Laguna is Dead On perfect!) you can also run on a street course that is 
pretty much Vancouver, the Old Detroit and Toronto.  Of course you can 
run the IRL (Yech!) flagship couse.... The Indy speedway.

Game On!!


Eric Fletcher