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Re: Have You Played This Game Today?

Anybody out there hooked on Ridge Racer II?  It's probably fairly old - 
things are slow to come to Alabama.

'86 VW Quantum GL5
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On Tue, 5 Mar 1996, treilley wrote:

>      Greg, I played one here in NJ that is called Daytona something...  It 
>      is the best road racing game I have driven(played).  Very real turning 
>      and control.  Play head to head  or solo.  You can apex turns to get 
>      better speed and shifting is realistic.  You hit walls and it 
>      determines the amount of damage and you can keep going until you toal 
>      your car.  Nothing like that Lambo drive through Miami that used to be 
>      so big.
>      Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire
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> Subject: Have You Played This Game Today?
> Author:  Greg Koehler (Volt Computer) <a-gregk@microsoft.com> at Internet
> Date:    3/5/96 10:00 AM
> It's an arcade game called Sega Rally. The best driving game I've 
> played yet.  It's a 2-player with virtual reality  technology.  You can 
> race against the computer or another player.  Choice of two cars -- a 
> Lancia rally car, which handles much like an Audi, and a Toyota Celica 
> GT.  You can choose from a 4-speed automatic or a clutchless 4-speed 
> manual in either car.  You race on one of several European 
> autocross-type racecourses.  The makers of this game actually modeled 
> the performance characteristics of these cars into the game.  The 
> Toyota has serious acceleration and top end -- is it turbocharged?  The 
> Lancia is less quick, but handles like it's on rails.  I always use the 
> Lancia.  If you use the proper technique, you can do full power slides 
> around turns.  You go over dirt, pavement, bumps, water, everything.  
> There's a voice that tells you what type of turn is coming up ("hard 
> right," "medium left", etc).  Steering is excellent.  It's the whole 
> ball of wax.  It's been at one arcade here (Quarters in Kirkland, WA) 
> for several months, but I haven't seen it anywhere else yet.  Check it out.
> - Greg Koehler
> '90 80 Q