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Re: Have You Played This Game Today?

     Greg, I played one here in NJ that is called Daytona something...  It 
     is the best road racing game I have driven(played).  Very real turning 
     and control.  Play head to head  or solo.  You can apex turns to get 
     better speed and shifting is realistic.  You hit walls and it 
     determines the amount of damage and you can keep going until you toal 
     your car.  Nothing like that Lambo drive through Miami that used to be 
     so big.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Have You Played This Game Today?
Author:  Greg Koehler (Volt Computer) <a-gregk@microsoft.com> at Internet
Date:    3/5/96 10:00 AM

It's an arcade game called Sega Rally. The best driving game I've 
played yet.  It's a 2-player with virtual reality  technology.  You can 
race against the computer or another player.  Choice of two cars -- a 
Lancia rally car, which handles much like an Audi, and a Toyota Celica 
GT.  You can choose from a 4-speed automatic or a clutchless 4-speed 
manual in either car.  You race on one of several European 
autocross-type racecourses.  The makers of this game actually modeled 
the performance characteristics of these cars into the game.  The 
Toyota has serious acceleration and top end -- is it turbocharged?  The 
Lancia is less quick, but handles like it's on rails.  I always use the 
Lancia.  If you use the proper technique, you can do full power slides 
around turns.  You go over dirt, pavement, bumps, water, everything.  
There's a voice that tells you what type of turn is coming up ("hard 
right," "medium left", etc).  Steering is excellent.  It's the whole 
ball of wax.  It's been at one arcade here (Quarters in Kirkland, WA) 
for several months, but I haven't seen it anywhere else yet.  Check it out.
- Greg Koehler
'90 80 Q