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Re: Now that I've got the Hellas . . .

>>My problem is that even though I have properly aimed (a little low even), I 
>>keep getting flashed by other's on the road who think I am running my brights. 
>>Apparently, they just look at the light pattern and think that since there are 
>>four white lights on the same horizontal plane, that they must be my brights.

>That's a real problem with these "aux low-beams". In fact, some troopers
>will give you a nice big fine for more that two headlights on in the
>presence of oncoming traffic, defective equipment, etc.

	I  had this same problem when I first mounted the lights.  I since 
lowered them ever so slightly.  Still get the occational *flash*, but I just 
flash them back, and that seem to shut them up.  

	I also carry the Hella "Compliance (ELT) Report" that came with the 
lights with my registration in case I run into a ticket happy trooper. I quote 
"The Hella XL-Auxiliary low beam headlamp is in accordance with SAE-Regulations 
when used with existing low beams", and then it lists all the standards it 
conforms to.

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