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Re: Now that I've got the Hellas . . .

prl@ptc.com wrote:

>         I  had this same problem when I first mounted the lights.  I since
> lowered them ever so slightly.  Still get the occational *flash*, but I just
> flash them back, and that seem to shut them up.
>         I also carry the Hella "Compliance (ELT) Report" that came with the
> lights with my registration in case I run into a ticket happy trooper. I quote
> "The Hella XL-Auxiliary low beam headlamp is in accordance with SAE-Regulations
> when used with existing low beams", and then it lists all the standards it
> conforms to.

That would be effective, but I got lazy in the installation.  I wired the relay so that it was 
triggered by turning on my parking lights while the ignition is on.  That way I can turn on just 
the running lights and use the Hellas as DRL's during the day.

Makes me feel a little bit better since ~20 miles of my commute is through twisting wooded 
corridors. (fun commute BTW!) And they don't drain the electrical system nearly as bad as the 
stock headlights, even with relays installed on the stocks!


Gary G. Erickson
Business Solution Integrators, Inc.
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