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Dr. K.

Dr. K. Scott?

I like that for Juha.  I think to kick Toyota out was the right way to go.  I'm
not defending them.

Very cool way to cheat.  As Scott said Juha would feel an extra 40hp.  Of course
he would.  But did he know they were cheating to get it.

I guess it just bugs me that with all his talent, and proven talent at that,
that he would say "ya sure" when the team engineer said to him " we can only win
if we cheat". 

Several years ago when Lancia were the car to beat with the Integrale there were
rumors of them using F1 fuel or maybe NOS.  At will they could pull out super
leads from nowhere.  Rumors of NOS in the Roll cage tubes etc.  Shortly after
that the FIA started taking random samples of fuel.

You've heard about the Dodge Boys in their Mopar drag car running NOS right.  I
heard about that from an auto journalist/racing instructor long before their
shop was wrecked.  Turned out to be true.

In Nascar I've heard Jeff Gordon had been running some kind of traction control
in a titanium rear end!  Remember how he ran away from nearly everyone and then
late in the season fell off the pace a bit.  About the time they maybe found the
traction control and put an iron rear back in?
 And remember when his wheel took off from the car.  Several teams had been
running those "trick" hubs.  Passing them around.  Nascar warned them but when
Jeff had the wheel take off they jump on him, not all the other guys.  They
finally had to.  Same thing for the intake I think Schrader got caught with.

So, guys cheat till they get caught.  Too bad.  I think it happens more often
than we know but the sanctioning bodies keep it in the family so as not to spoil
any reputations.  Incliuding their own.