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Speaker Leads for Rear Deck on 200/Bose

HELP.  After trading out the Bose head unit for a Sony, the front four 
speakers in my Bose setup (dash and front door) all work, but not a 
peep from the rear deck speakers.  (Well, there's also hiss present, 
but that's not the reason for this question....I think...)

A hour's work in the Bentley manual revels that their diagram must 
be for the standard radio, as only four speakers are shown and the 
wiring harness in the rear does not match the Bose system.  I have 
not found a separate Bose diagram...so I'm having problems.

My guess is that the leads for the rear speakers come off the harness 
somewhere other than the radio - maybe at a downstream connector.  
I wondered for a while if they were just looped off the door 
speakers, giving the rear speakers a feed from the doors....but if 
so, they should still be working!

Has ANYONE traced this out  - and can let me know where to 
find the leads?  This is weird, because I *did* use all the speaker wires 
coming off the harness at the radio, so logic (hah hah, we're in an 
Audi....) says that the connections should all be there.

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