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Battery & Brake Pad Q

Eliot - re your question about the battery.  I bought the Sears 
DieHard International model ($@75) for my 1990 200 and it fit 
the battery cavity well, came with correct vent for the hose, and has 
worked fine.  Seems to be a good match for the cranking power needs of 
the car.  I'm happy with it.

Brake Pad Q:

I may have torpedoed myself with a mistake of timing.  Last Saturday 
I put new Repco Metal masters on the front brakes of my 1990 200, 
(did the rears about 30 days ago) and I did drive the car for about 
15 minutes and bed the pads in properly according to the directions 

On Sunday I worked a corner at the TX World Speedway and had 
the chance to take some laps (during the lunch hour for the SCCA 
group which was running).  Unfortunately, I had one low tread tire on 
my 280ZX and they wouldn't pass it - so I decided to take a few laps 
in the Audi, which the wife had justdriven out to the track.  
(Surprise, honey...).  I was very pleased with the 200's handling!  
Although I tried to go easy on the brakes, after five moderate 
laps there was considerable brake smell.  Today the wife says the 
front brakes are starting to wail occasionally while stopping.

Question is - did I give those new pads too much heat too soon?  If 
so, is there anything I can try to correct it (like additional 
vigorous use, extra lube behind pad backs...) or should I replace 
them if the noise doesn't go away?  I don't want to chuck $80 worth 
of new pads if this (suspected) mistake is correctable.  I suspect I 
know the answer, but I'm always open to creative thinking.

Note: I need to give you complete information - the front rotors 
were fairly new and the reason for replacing the pads was to diminish 
the amount of dust shed by the Audi pads, so I replaced the pads ONLY. 
The rotors were not replaced or resurfaced.  Thought this might also 
be a factor.

If the pads are damaged - what's the penalty other than possible 
slightly reduced stopping effectiveness?  (In other words, can I be 
reasonably safe but wait till the month turns to buy more...or are 
the pads likely to disintegrate or something?)

I welcome comments, opinions, etc.  (Always lotsa etc. around 

Your kind thoughts and help are appreciated.
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