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Re: Skating

> When young(er) and totally wild I ran the yokos all the time on the GLH
> turbo (225hp)......  And accepted the fact that in the wet, i drove like
> grandma to sunday sermon......

When I was seriously campaigning my '81 4k back in '89, I was running it on
the nearly worn-out Yokohama A008RSIIs that were left over from racing.  We
were going through them at the rate of 4-5 sets per year and even when they
were finished so far as racing was concerned, there was usually another 700
miles or so of street use left in them.  Mounting and balancing didn't cost
me anything courtesy of a sponsor so this struck me as a no-brainer...

Or so I thought until the day I hydroplaned into a curb while driving 15mph
around a corner during a rainstorm ... PDQSHIP's right: my praise for these
tires for street use has a *LOT* to do with the fact that it doesn't rain a
lot where I live in AZ (probably less than 14 days/year!).  I don't have to
make the same compromises that somebody living elsewhere in the country has
to make and choose my tires accordingly.  If I lived elsewhere, I'm sure my
tire of preference would be a different one...

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