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hmmmmm.....  Lots o' pinions on tars, the main reason I try to stay away from
the discussion, but having driven every performance tire since the Semperit
Hi speed of 1981, there are just some that don't make sense unless you
compare......   In the world of hi performance, there are many choices, but
the bottom line is that of compromises.....  The  ultimate setup for the q is
to have a set of shaved 008/1R's for the track, p210 or hoka 10's for the
snow, and Sp8k/D4M2's/GSC's/etc for the street.....  ANYTHING less is a
compromise....  BTDT, I'm no tire expert, but certainly a performance
DRIVER.....  And I have the above 3 for my car, but realize the realities of
constant tire changes....  So I tend to be more verbose as to the compromises
one accepts....  YES, if you are in the vr rated tire, driving a q, a TRX is
prolly a great tire for most of your driving (and by all accounts a piece of
**it for a tire).....  But, to me, when you enter the "VR" market, the
choices narrow, and you accept some compromises....  And the dry perfomance
vs wet performance is the same compromise as the snow/slush vs ice (blizzax)
argument.....   What are you willing to give on one for the other.....  And
there is no doubt you do......  A 008/1 on wet pavement is like a racing
slick on water, and a sp8k/d40M2 on wet is as good as a 008/1 on dry.....  so
the question becums, where does the performance tire give it's compromises,
and in that the SP/D40/GSC has upped the ante to the point that short of all
out racing, it's wet and dry handling is acceptable to the 8-9/10's
drivers...  At 10/10ths in the dry, put on the yokos, or hoosiers or eagle
racings.......   When young(er) and totally wild I ran the yokos all the time
on the GLH turbo (225hp)......  And accepted the fact that in the wet, i
drove like grandma to sunday sermon......  Today tho, that compromise is
unacceptable, and unecessary, the SP's on my q will come within 1/10th of the
dry performance of my Yokos, yet give excellent wet weather performance
unheard of 5 years ago, and quiet, and tread life, and stiff yet

So get the tire that fits you budget, there are a ton out there.....  But
like snows, understand the compromises you are accepting.....  The field
really is narrower than you think.....

.....  And to that Mazda Mallenium that got smoked 4 lites in a row and a
hi-speed turn while on my P210's, my humblest of apologies for the dusting
AND the lane grab, but it was not a day to mess with the RS2
(38degrees)......  Audi AG would be proud. </`:~)_?