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Rolling towards the pond

In a message dated 96-03-11 08:24:57 EST, you write:

>I'm somewhat surprised by the derision heaped upon the lowly P6! I've had
>them on several 4000Qs and always thought they were good all-around
>affordable tahrs. OK in the dry, predictable, acceptable in the wet (with
>tread) and not too bad at all in the sno (with tread & on a Quattro), quiet,
>smooth and long-wearing. Pretty much everything you would want in an
>all-round grits-gettin' tahr. Will the P6s 'perform' notably worse on the
>5000TQ Vs on the much lighter and smaller 4KQ? If they would perform about
>the same I'd be perfectly happy with them and knowing that I'll be able to
>afford another new set sooner Vs having to eke 'just a few more miles' out
>of an expensive hi-perf $et o' tahrs.

D40M2's and P600 (P6 has been discontinued, so either old stock, or ?) are
the same price (save your Sams club discount), so the why comes to mind....
 Is the price THAT much better than the 106USD at tire rack?  Assuming you
are paying 20.00 per tire less, I have a hard time understanding the 80.00
breaking the bank on a sub par tire.....

Pirelli has had a hard time holding their own in the tire market....  The 6
series is one of the main reasons why.....  The q may handle them better in
the wet than a single axle drive, but they still are subpar in any wet
weather compared to the market....