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Re: While we are on the tire thing..

> The largest that you can stuff under the rear fender's with the stock 
> wheels would be the 215/60-15's and even then you have to get slightly 
> "Creative" with the aligment.....

FWIW, I've got 215/55s on my '89 200q and while they are a bit shorter than
215/60s, they didn't require any alignment adjustments whatsoever using OEM
6x15 wheels.  Of course, since I haven't bothered to check the alignment on
this car yet, it's entirely possible that it may already have been adjusted
"creatively" at some point in the past.  A local shop that does work for me
on occasion (Vincent Engineering, Phoenix, AZ) claims that 225/50s will fit
without rubbing but I have never seen this first-hand and, IMHO, they are a
bit too wide to run on a 6" rim.

I'm still waiting for my 8x17s to arrive and I'm reasonably certain that it
will be a job-and-a-half getting *these* to fit under the fenders, creative
alignment notwithstanding!  Of course, nothing ventured, nothing gained, as
the saying goes...

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