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Re: Speaker Leads for Rear Deck on 200/Bose

... on my '88 5k wagon with the "10 speaker" stereo there is a booster/
crossover amp under the back seat.  The front dash and door speakers are 
connected to the front stereo outputs, while the rear channel outputs go 
to the B/C amp.  I had a similar problem when I replaced the stereo in the 
car, but I resolved it by simply connecting the rear deck outputs to the 
larger door speakers, eliminating the B/C.  The B/C connectors were very 
similar to standard spade lugs, so I fabricated a couple of jumpers with 
spade lugs on each end and connected the appropriate goes-outta to the 
requisite goes-inta.  Worked acceptably well for me! 

Of course the 200 may be different, so YMMV ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)