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Re: brake fluid leak between reservoir/MC

In a message dated 96-03-09 16:48:55 EST, you write:

>Could this be the plug between the two that's
>given way ? The MC seems to be ok, although
>I haven't performed the dreaded 1,2,...20 (40?)
>push test recently.
>Would I be able to order this plug alone 
>separately ? It doesn't look as though 
>the MC and the reservoir are sold together,
>so I was under the impression I could just buy
>the plug, and achieve a cheap, correct fix
>(Does such a thing exist at all ? :)

The resevoir has the plugs that go into the MC attached to the resevoir....
 The resevoir is about a 50.00 part at the dealer.....  Make sure you don't
have a bad MC or lots of dirt in the resevoir.....