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laser detector

Hey, l.a.s.e.r.
   What do you guys think could be my problem? I just replaced the 
plugs in my 86 5000tq 1.9 with standard bosch super non resistor 
and now when I accel with boost under load the laser detect signal 
goes off. Not just once in while but every time. This did not 
happen before when I had the bosch silver or the REAL platinum 
plugs installed. I also have the Jacobs Energy Team in my car, with 

the 60,000 volt coil. Every thing is the same but the plugs. I 
thought I was busted by the man when the detector went off the 
first time but not a statie in sight! It was very alarming to say 
the least but then it kept on doing the same thing over and over! 
   So what the heck is going on? Am I getting a kind of engine 
noise that the detector is reading as laser becuase of the non 
resis plugs? light amp stimul emit radiation. 

   The jacobs box reads the resis at the plug gap then send a 
signal back to the box which adjusts the voltage for the next one. 
The more load the more spark. They say 99% burn of the fuel for a 
gain in horse power and fuel eco. As much as 15hp in the 5tk and I 
think a couple mpg improvement. It also will relight the plug if it 

senses that the flame went out. Plus it has STOP ALERT safety 
feature that allows for the car to be started but then kills it in 
abbout 60 seconds and if you dont know the system it cant be 
restarted. The longer you try the longer it wont. It seams to work 
ok but I need the detector 
in a bad way really bad H E L P !!!

     Marty S.