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Re: quattro-digest V1 #3

>From: zing@gnn.com (Martin Slotterback)
>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 1995 08:51:48
>Subject: laser detector 
>Hey, l.a.s.e.r.
>   What do you guys think could be my problem? I just replaced the 
>plugs in my 86 5000tq 1.9 with standard bosch super non resistor 
>and now when I accel with boost under load the laser detect signal 
>goes off. Not just once in while but every time. This did not 
>happen before when I had the bosch silver or the REAL platinum 
>plugs installed. I also have the Jacobs Energy Team in my car, with 
>the 60,000 volt coil. Every thing is the same but the plugs. I 
>thought I was busted by the man when the detector went off the 
>first time but not a statie in sight! It was very alarming to say 
>the least but then it kept on doing the same thing over and over! 
>   So what the heck is going on? Am I getting a kind of engine 
>noise that the detector is reading as laser becuase of the non 
>resis plugs? light amp stimul emit radiation. 

You're probably getting electro-magnetic interference that's triggering
the laser circuit internally.  I've a Uniden unit whose laser ciruit is
triggered every time I use my flip phone or turn on my Z's rear wiper,
and I had it in a Maxima once and the ignition triggered the laser
circuit continuously.

All you can do is get a better laser detector.  I also have a Valentine
and it doesn't have this problem, I bet the BEL would be fine too.

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