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Re: TT & TTS

Todd Candey <tcandey@usr.com> wrote:
>      Does anybody have any REAL info on the Audi TT and TTS such as actual 
>      dates when it will go into production an when it will be available? Or 
>      perhaps what changes will be made to the car we have all seen at the 
>      auto shows and in the mags?
>      How about the price?, is it still at the 30K mark?
>      Any info would be appreciated.
>      Thanks listers,
>      Todd.
Funny you should ask.  Just last night was reading my _AutoWeek_
Magazine (3/11/96).  The cover story is on the TT/TTS.

They report:

Production is scheduled to begin July, 1998.  Prices will start at about 

The TT will come with a 1.8L turbocharged 4, putting out 150bhp. 
It will be capable of 0-60 MPH in just under 8 sec. and have a top speed of 
	about 140 MPH.

The TTS will add an intercooler for 210bhp and will hit 60MPH in ~6 sec.
	on its way to top speed of about 150.

The complete story is on pp. 30-31.

Believe as much as you want.

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