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Re: Fuse blowing UBERWGN

>From esw5@postoffice2.mail.cornell.edu Tue Mar 12 14:16:09 1996
>>So we're trying to figure out how to isolate the problem.  One idea is
>>to wire some in-line fuses in front of each component on this circuit,
>>and see which one blows.  Another is to just disconnect non-critical
>>components until the problem goes away.  Of course, we could just go
>>replacing components too, but that's too expensive.
>>Anybody else got any good ideas about how to isolate a transient
>>problem like this?
>Could you leave the fuse off and test each light bulb socket and the guage
>for continuity to see which of the devices is shorted somewhere. Might have
>to leave multi-meter on while driving around as chaged wiring harness might
>only short when jostled.
>This sounds tricky. Think there are multimeters with a hold function.

Lets see... The fuse is connected to the battery on one end, and to
some string of components on the other end.  The fuse blows because of
a short to ground on the component side in some manner or another,
maybe.  Yet when I put a new fuse in it doesn't blow, so either the
short is very transient or goes away when the power comes back on?  I
suppose anything is possible.

I will carry a meter around in the car with me, and when it blows again
(it's Tuesday so I bet it will blow tonight) I'll check the fuse
holder and see if I can see a short to ground.  If so, then your
suggestion makes sense, and if not, then checking individual components
at that point won't help, yes?

Thanks for the suggestion.

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