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Fuse blowing UBERWGN -- SOLVED!!

>From: steve.powers@spdg.COM (Steve Powers)
>Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 15:18:22 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: Re: Fuse blowing UBERWGN
>I would _never_ hack the existing wire harness to isolate the
>problem unless my warranty was kaput!!!

Neither would I - I was gonna have the dealer do whatever it takes to
find the problem.  If he has to hack a wiring harness or two, and then
replace them once we figure it out, that's cheaper than starting to
replace components...

>In Washington state, a dealer has 3 good-faith tries to isolate and
>fix a car. I would pursue replacement of the vehicle.  

Illinois has a similar law and I thought about this, 
but I don't know that a replacement S6 can be had any more,
since they stopped building them at the end of last year!

>Dunno about
>Illinois law, but I would certainly elevate this problem to the
>appropriate level within Audi. Start with the regional rep and
>work your way up the chain until you talk to Ferdy.

The dealer has already pushed it up to the zone guy, who called me a
couple of days ago and let me know he was doing what he could to help.
He even offered to let me drive his car while they work on mine.

>Your warranty is supposed to fix problems like this, not leave
>you with a car having intermittent problems. If the dealer has
>_seen_ the problem - he _must_ fix it. Period.

Yea, but he hasn't seen it, since I couldn't make it happen...

...until now!

Last night it blew again, while I was sitting around idling the engine
waiting for some guys.  I had been cleaning out the back seat with the
doors open when it blew.  I replaced the fuse and carefully did over
everything I had just done - open this door, move this seat, open that
door, arrange this floor mat - blew again!

Replace again - arrange this floor mat - blew again!!

To arrange the floor mat I stand outside the rear door and put my knee
in the center of the rear seat, driver's side, and lean down into the
car.  When I put my knee on the center of the rear seat, the fuse
blows.  Just sitting in the rear seat won't do it, a sharp push in the
center of the rear seat blows the fuse.  Some wiring harness under
there is coming into contact with something, and has chafed through the

>From here, solution is trivial.

Thanks for all the suggestions on this one, folks.

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