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Mod for A4 or Audi V6

Hello everyone:

        Does anyone of you guys ever put a P-FLOW  K&N Air Filter in their
A4 or the Audi V6 ?  There are some kind of wiring/connection on top of the
factory air-box in my A4, would any of you know what it is and what's
involve in replacing the factory air-box with the cone shape K&N ?

        If any of you had done this before, please let me know if this mod
makes a difference in performance although I am not expecting much (except
for making a pretty good sound).

        I had put a cone shape K&N on my 93 VW Passat VR6, the difference
the K&N make is phenomenal, so I'm hopeing (I say hopeing) to get close to
such level of performance increase.

96 Red A4Q in Toronto