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For Sale - My 1983 TQC

Unfortunately, my lifestyle is changing and I've realized I've got too much
stuff and need to sell my '83 TQC. 

The car is mars red with dark brown leather.  Its build date is February
1982.  Vin # is WAUDC0853DA900087, engine is # 67.  It is an early US car,
originally sold in California.  Next sale I know of was in March 1989 in
Newport Beach, California at 61,000 miles.  Car was bought by a fellow who
drove it in California for 18 months and then moved to Illinois in late 1990.
 I bought the car from him in December 1990, with a total mileage of 93,000.
 I didn't drive it much as I have several other cars.  It saw very little of
Chicago winters, no salt and now has 118,000 miles.

The prior owner spent some major dollars (and so did I) on the car.  At
79,000 miles it received a new clutch and a NEW transmission (>$5K).  Among
other items he treated the car to new injectors and a warm-up regulator.

Some of the major work I have done or paid for has included: replacing the
non-audi muffler system with original parts.  Much of the suspension has been
renewed -  new koni shocks, new wheel bearings, new upper strut bearings,
sway bar bushings, and front A-arm bushings. Additional major items replaced
include the radiator, alternator, water pump, brake rotors, hydralic pressure
accumulator, brake master cylinder, clutch master cylinder, fuse box, cam
belt (preventative maintenance) and many electrical sensors including the
Hall sensor and ignition trigger. Driveshaft was rebuilt by SportWheels.  ECU
has a TAP chip upgrade (have original chip) - have adjustable boost spring
(never installed).  Wheels are 6 x 15 Ronals with 205-55 Dunlop D40M2 (>1/2
tread left).  Also, has ABT panel with VDO water temp., oil pressure and
voltage gauges. 

As far as I can tell the engine is all original - has the proper turbo,
cylinder head, etc.  Radio is a Sony Am/FM with 10 CD changer.  It has 6
speakers and 2 amps totaling 110 watts. 

Work needed - gas tank sensor, right rear parking brake cable, and probably
some A/C work - I never used it.  Rear fenders need to be rolled if 8 x 15
Ronals are going to be used.  I just so happen to have a set of 4 with
relatively new A-509 V-rated 225-50 Yokos. 

Price for car with 6 x 15s is $6500.

Price for car with both sets of rims/tires is $7500. For $7500 you also get
my large format VW microfiche reader, parts fiche on '83 TQC, Bentley manual,
one copy of Audi "Introductory Service Training Information", one set of
Eibach progressive springs and my receipt records.

If interested please contact me.  The car (and I) are located in Glen Ellyn,
Illinois, a suburb 25 miles west of Chicago.