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Re: Fix for Power Door Locks Do Not Work

In a message dated 96-03-19 03:02:32 EST, you write:

>Subj:	Prices and Question
>Date:	96-03-19 03:02:32 EST
>From:	KYLE@clover.net (Kyle D. Ledford)
>Sender:	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>Also the other day my power door locks quit working in my coupe Gt. I 
>checked the pump in the back... I have an extra one that works... I 
>hooked it up and it did not solve the problem.. I checked to see of the 
>wires were still hooed up in the drivers door and they were... what do I 
>do next?

My freebie for the day-

Story - I had an 1983 5000 Turbo and the door locks stopped working after
several years. The pump would run but, apparently, the vacuum created was
insufficient to operate the door locks.  I took the pump apart and shimmed
various components.  This allowed the pump to work for another year after
which it slowly exhibited the same problem - the pump would run but the
vacuum was insufficient to operate the door locks.  I became pissed, talked
to my Audi dealer and the parts manager said "We replaced a lot of those
under warranty."  Of course my car was well out of warranty and the club
(Porsche Club) discounted price was still $125.  I decided to try the magic
elixer that I use for many different things, namely WD40.  I took off the
side panel of the pump and disconnected the vacuum lines.  I sprayed lightly
a coating of WD40 into everywhere. I put the pump back together and
reinstalled it. It worked immediately and it still works to this day.  Lesson
2 - About 5 years ago I bought a 1983 TQC (Ur-Q) and its vacuum pump did not
work.  I spent a whole five minutes uninstalling the pump , spraying it with
WD40 and reinstalling it.  I still have the car and the vacuum pump works
properly, everytime!

Morale - Try WD40.