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Re: Precision Interface Electronics

Hey, Quattro/Audi (o) enthusiasts! 
The net recently was discussing the merits of FM modulated CD changers vs.
"hardwired" CD Changers.  I agree that hardwired units are better, but unless
you have springer spaniel hearing faculties AND are willing to change the
head unit, your most cost effective and user-friendly route is with a "FM
Modulated" CD changer system.  
I work for Panasonic selling Car audio and Cellular products so I get this
question all the time.  I also have made contacts with other aftermarket
companies who specialize in making interface cables for OEM radios and
aftermarket CD Changers.  Remember, the Head Unit must first be a CD
changer/controller.  A "regular" AM/FM only radio will do you no good.  For
example, my 1990 V8 radio (as well as the 100's and 200's of that era with
the BOSE sound system) will not control a CD changer, even with an interface
cable.  A4's, on the other hand,  has a changer-control head unit, standard,
ready for the dealer to install that overpriced ($550) CD changer. 

1.    Peripheral Electronics
       7616 Miramar Rd. Ste. 5300
       San Diego, CA  92121
      (619) 695-1340

2.    Blitz Safe
       260 Columbia Ave. 
       Fort Lee, NJ  07024
       (201) 224-0101

I hope that if enough of you guys call these companies, they will work on
making more Audi interface cables.  
Rock on!