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Wheels and Tires

Graydon Stuckey's friend who is replacing his A4 tires and wheels right after
delivery is a real enthusiast.  I will buy those wheels and tires, Graydon,
if your wifes car doesn't seem ready for them yet. . . 
So, since that's a longshot, I am asking for anyone else who is upgrading
their S4 or S6  to 17" wheels and tires. For that matter, if you serious
racers out there are also stepping up from 16's to 17's for this season, I
will consider your aftermarket wheels also.   I want YOUR slightly used 16x8"
wheels for my 1990 V8.  The condition of the tires does not matter; I will
buy new rubber, but the wheels should be OK.  
Thanks, and I will pay shipping.
Scott Olson
Schaumburg, IL