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Re: TQC Window Switch Removal

You need to remove the 'surround' trim piece that goes around the outside of
the center console. This will expose the screws that retain the panels with
the lighter, win switches, diff-lock sw, etc. From memory, there are screws
at the top on either side and at the bottom/sides. Removing the ashtray also
exposes screws to remove the shift-boot, etc.

At 03:59 AM 3/12/96 -0500, Mike Hopton wrote:
>     I'd appreciate if anyone could let me know how to remove the electric 
>     window and cigarette lighter part of the center console on an '85 ur-q.
>     I am installing a boost gauge where the ashtray is presently located and 
>     need to remove the section above the ashtray to secure the gauge and 
>     surround.
>     Thanks and regards, Mike
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