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Re: TQC Window Switch Removal

At 03:59 12/03/96 -0500, Mike Hopton wrote:
>     I'd appreciate if anyone could let me know how to remove the electric 
>     window and cigarette lighter part of the center console on an '85 ur-q.
>     I am installing a boost gauge where the ashtray is presently located and 
>     need to remove the section above the ashtray to secure the gauge and 
>     surround.
>     Thanks and regards, Mike
Hi there Mike,
Quite straight forward really.....
Pull off the heater control knobs and prise off the heater control display 
panel - it's held in place by four sprung (not "vorsprung"!) metal clips 2
top and 2 bottom. Two screws either side at top now visable. These release
top of console. Remove the screw either side of console just in front of the
Having removed the ashtray and gear shift surround, the front face of the
console can now be pulled back. Disconnect and tag the wiring from the
window lifter switches and cigar lighter and ashtray light. The console trim
complete with small panel that holds the lighter and lifter switches is now
free to be removed from the car. Flip over the console and.........there's
the two screws holding the switch panel in place!

Hope this helps,
George Harrison