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RE: Wanted: **** ** Quat


    I don't know about the rest of the list, but I think that the 
    posts with "local" ads, classified ads, etc. etc. should just
    stop.  If someone on the list specifically is looking for a 
    particular model, respond direct to that persons email.

    These random posts of ads, although they seem well intentioned
    are IMHO a total waste of bandwidth for 99% of the list. And
    may be just dealers and others advertiseing on a slim pretense 
    of general information.
    If I were to post the ads for Quattros from my area (Boston) 
    between the local papers, Want Ads Magazine, Auto Trader Magazine, 
    and other such sources there are AT LEAST 40 Quattros advertised
    each week.  

    The only reason I've been looking up the ads is for an inquiry from
    the list, which I've responded to via email already.

    Also note, I am not in any shape, way or form referring to Vehicles
    owned by list members which they are selling privately, this to me
    is a very appropriate place for that.  

    Well, my  soapbox seems to be sinking into the sunwarmed muck that
    used to be my lawn.....


    90 V8Q
    84 5KS

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