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   rmyers@wvit.wvnet.edu writes:                                     
 RM> Now, what do you recommend about the possibility of replacing the cat
 RM> with a straight pipe?  This would allow adjusting the fuel mixture to a
 RM> slightly richer mixture.  Emissions testing is not part of the state
 RM> inspection process in WV.

   Don't remove the cat, just gut it.  Here in Taxachusetts we
   have a somewhat strict emissions testing program and my 
   gutted kitty mobiles have passed every time. (On the 5KS
   emissions  went down by 50% after the kitty surgery) Plus if you 
   decide to sell the car....you don't know anything about it,
   must have been that mechanic in Alabama that did it when you
   got stranded there with an exhaust plugged by kitty litter..
   yeah, that's the ticket...

   This is better than a straight pipe, because although there is
   no emissions testing in your state now, it may be instituted, and
   i'd be willing to bet that Visual inspections of the emissions
   equipment is a part of the safety inspecion in states with 
   no emissions tests.  So you'd want the exhaust system looking
   like the kitty is alive and well.


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