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Re: 5KCSTQ/200/S4/S6 Registry

>Okay let's take this on-line Registry to the next step.  I'll do the
>5KCSTQ/200/S4/S6 Registry.  Send me the following:
>Make:  5000CS Turbo Quattro
>Interior color:
>Performance mods:
>Your name:
>City / State:
>Email address:
>And any other information you wish to share.
>I'll get the info out......
>Eric Fletcher
hey, what's with this q-less discrimination?  Don't you q people get too
cocky on us fwd folks.  Ha!  Who needs to go faster in the snow when
there's some Explorer in front of you dancing all over the road at 5 mph
anyway? :)  I can still laugh at people like the guy in a brand-spankin-new
BMW who was trying like mad to get up a fairly steep small country-type
road...I stopped behind him, pulled around+waved while I passed him :) -he
had stopped and couldn't get going again, rear wheels spinning like mad.
After that he musta been swearing about "those damn Audi drivers who always
seem to single us BMW drivers out" and "those damn high school seniors"

(I haven't seen any non-q registry requests yet, that's why I asked)
BTW, speaking of BMW, I was in a waiting room, saw a recent issue of r+t or
something.  Looked kinda neat(had a couple of pages of photos from a recent
contest at the NY(MFA?).  Challenge was to use a Yugo as a medium of
sorts-there was one that had been turned into a toaster complete with
to-scale toast, handle on the back and electrical plug) and so I flipped
quickly through it and ran across an article about an older model
beemer(the tiny ones-whatever the "series" they are) that had 4W/AWD(don't
remember which it said).  The author said something along the lines of "The
AWD equipped xxx's performance in the snow was eerie compared to the RWD"
(No sh*t, Sherlock!  Get a real car!  I like the Accel. Until Death is Imm.
motto much better than BMW's.  Any nice(mean) interpretations of BMW?)
A few ones known to all mac users:
IBM=I'm a Big Mother, Itty Bitty Machines