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Re: Air Conditioner

>I'm noticing a growling noise coming from somewhere in the engine comp. I
>think the bearings in my Air conditioner pump is going...What do these
>things cost? Anyone have one for sale? It's for a '87 5000 q.
>The Water pump seems to be ok...no leaks.
If it sounds like a loud pulsing noise(almost like a air compressor) and
goes on and off when you switch the climate comtrol between(off) -->(Bilev,
auto, defroster) (assuming it's above about 40-50 deg) then you can be
fairly sure it's the compressor.  If it slowly gets worse, at a certain
point it will fail almost entirely, and force all sorts of metal crap into
the a/c piping.  The standard,recommended procedure to deal with metal
shards is to replace the entire a/c circut that carries the

However, the compressor is not a cheap little doinkus-it's about 600-800
depending on where you go(new)  There were a few people who had heard of
companies that would rebuilt it for about half of that. I'll take a look
back in my archives and see if it's there-I never got a chance to reply to
the people because of a certain parental unit who won't fork over the
money, or even make a commitment.  Keep us informed if you find anything
good(/cheap :)