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Rear amp 5kCST

Hey everybody-I'm back to reading my mail again!  Apologies to any
individuals who have message to me sitting among 700 :(

I was messing around with the fader control one day, and noticed that a
slight adjustment towards the front yielded much crisper sound.  It seems
like the back speakers muffle out the high range stuff, but the front
speakers do much better(I guess three on each side inc/ a seperate tweeter
would do it).  Here's the question-apologies if someone has already
posted/archived this junk-kick me in the pants-can you do any fiddling with
the rear amp or the feed to it?  Any adjustments whatsoever?  I'm thinking
of somehow toning down the rear amp without any adjustment on the front of
the radio(too hard to keep it in the right range-the perfect spot is just a
teeensy bit off the bump where the dial jumps into the center)  I'm also
wondering about tweeking the rear amp or its feed to be higher in treble-it
always seems so unbalanced.  Ideas?  I'm not into getting lots 'o expensive
junk, and was hoping there were some adjustable "parameters" in the stock
system.  BTW, it's an '87(non Bose, I believe.I assume it would have the
Bose logo if it was.)
Couple of random things:

-When I had to take off the driver's side door panel, the speakers were
hooked into small black boxes with ITT labels on them.  What's the story
behind this?

-I discovered that the sound from the back improves somewhat if the
speakers are tightened down :)  Very easy to check, just give the head
sticking out into the trunk a wiggle to see if it's loose.  Pretty easy to