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1.8T engine

Someone said:

> Oh, and if you (she) can wait, go for the 1.8 Turbo quattro when it gets
> here. It puts out 150hp/150lb-fts. with a small turbo, but Audi
> themselves already have 210hp (and a little more torque) out of it with
> a bigger turbo in the TT models. It's going to be much easier to mess
> with than the V6.

Any ideas about general durability of the 1.8T engine?  I've
always enjoyed the 200k without touching _anything_ nature
of the 2.3l I5, and hope the V6 will be similar.  The 1.8T
is considerably more stressed, no?

Anyone know the history of this engine, and/or what has been
done to harden it?