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Mobil1, advantages

>> I've been using Mobil 1 ...  From a scientific standpoint on
>> lubricants, it is definitely a superior lubricant to normal because of >>its atomic structure.

> Has nothing to do with atomic structure (at least not in Mobil 1's
> case).  Has to do with the fact that there are much fewer impurities
> in the oil (e.g. no wax).

I just love assertions (so here come some more . . . )

Synthetics have two distinct advantages, that I know
of: (1) a more consistent _molecular_ structure (not atomic),
and fewer impurities.  However, many of the impurities
that ultimately end up in your crankcase are byproducts
of dino oil breakdown, not junk that fell into the bottle
before the capped it :-)

Since I'm not [much of] a chemist, I refer people
to Ed Hackett's EXCELLENT discourse on oils, posted here
a few months ago.  Now there's a man who knows sumpin
(get it?) about oil.

If you want, I could repost most of his comments; they were
so good I saved them locally.