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Re: The Ur-q experience...

>The first noticeable diff. was that of how much MORE the cam sounded,
>comming up on throttle....  It wasn't flat sounding like mine.  The turbo
>boosted about the same, but the euro coupe just came ALIVE.
>(Kinda remined me of my ol '72 911RS that I had...) WOW...!!  I want, I want.
>Love to install a euro fuel dist., euro ECU, euro cam, euro WG spring, and just
>get that stock euro 200hp...very incredible feeling.  Crisp and quick.

My guess is that the US-spec smog cam, as you noted re the diff sound, is
the big culprit in hurting the perf of the US-spec Ur-Q. With just the
Euro/Schrick cam, IA and a slight boost increase I bet the US Ur-Q will
equal or better the stock Euro Ur-Q, no $$$$ Euro CPU or fool dist etc