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Re: GT Bra & TQC cover


     I've got a Beverly Hills car cover for my 5000CSTQ and it is the best!  I
origonally just bought a standard (one size fits all) Evo 4 car cover for my ca
r, but it was WAY too big.  So, I decided to order a custom fit one.  The BHMA
one fits perfectly!  Very nice quality and Evo 4 fabric.  I do not have the par
ts number for the TQC cover, but if you call them, and tell them the year and m
odel car you have, they will get it for you.  And, if they haven't made one yet
, they will custom make one for you.  Thier number is 1-800-FOR-BHMA.  They als
o come in Tan, Blue, or Grey.  I have the one made of Evo 4 fabric which is kno
wn as the "Stormguard" in thier Catalog.