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Re: TQC years - well, maybe.

>Now don't anybody quote me on this, but I heard from a friend of a friend that
>Audi did in fact import ur-quattros to the United States up through like '88
>or '89, but they classified them as '85 models. Or something like that. I have
>no facts on this at all, and only a hazy memory of the original unsubstantiated
>rumor. Still, most rumors have some sort of root in truth.
>It's the same deal with the Coupe S2. Audi was all set to import the Coupe S2
>to the US, but at the VERY last minute, some mucky muck at Audi pulled the

AAARRRGH... who is he!  I want his head to roll!  ;)  I'd kill
(almost) for an S2 Coupe!