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Re: antenna

>How about getting a roof mounted antenna like to those the S4/S6 or VW
>Passat/Jetta/Golf/VR6? Mount it on the front of the roof like they do with
>the Audi S2 Coupe. I think the Fuba roof mount antenna is around $60 (The 
>one for the VWs). I to have say I am not sure how they perform but I didn't 
>seem notice lister in this group who has S4/S6 complain about their radio
>My gamma radio get really poor reception for FM too when in city. I have
>one of those antenna that is embedded in the windshield. 

HEY... I'll complain!  FYI, the rear antenna seen on the S4 is for
the cellular phone.  The radio antenna is mounted inside the front
windshield (or windscreen for those of you 'across the pond'). 
;)  I think the radio reception could be improved quite a bit. 
Maybe the BLOWS (oops, that's BOSE) head-unit has a weak tuner. 
I'd like to take my Alpine CD head unit outta my XR4ti and drop it
into our S4, but we all know that something like that can't be
easily done with a BLOWS (damn.. I did it again) system -or at
least not without an adapter, six chickens, and Beck's beer to
give as an offering to the Audi/Bose gods!  ;)   Of course, I might
be complaining because there aren't many GOOD stations in the
North Iowa area.  :)  My question for the day is this:  Why is it
that no matter where you are on the face of this planet, you can
always seem to get a country music station that comes in like it
were being broadcast from 10 feet away!  ARRRGH...  it's a
conspiracy I tell ya!  ;)  hehehehe


Darin N.

Mason City, IA