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Advice on a 90Q 20v

Hey Q-gang,

I got a call from my friendly Audi dealer (in Minneapolis) today,
and he informed me that he has a Red on tan 1991 90 Quattro 20
valve on the lot with only 40,000 miles.  They sold the car new, so
they have the records for it.  The asking price is $15,900.   How
does that sound??  I don't see many of them around here, so I'm not
real sure what a good 'going' price for one is.  I'm going to drive
up to MPLS tomorrow, and will probably take a look at it.  I'm
REALLY hoping to find a 20V Coupe Q, but the 90 20v is also pretty
nice!  :)  Anyway, let's hear your thoughts on this one.  :)  
BTW, anyone know of a pearl white Coupe Q with black leather for
sale?  ;)



Darin Nederhoff         email:  savidesn@audvid.win.net
'93 S4 (pearl / Ecru) -in the family 
'87 4kCSQ (sapphire blue / gray)-my daily driver  
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