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Re: springs

> Michael Spiers <mikes@specnet.com> wrote:
> Alrighty, I gots sum questions about all the different suspension
> products available for the 5k/200 TurboQuattro's.  Near as I can
> tell, there's three manufacturers of coils for the 5000/200:
> ABT     Eibach        H&R
> ABT is, I think, a variable rate coil, nice & soft in the middle,
> firm as hell at either extreme.  Lowers the car about 3/5 of an inch
> in the front, half an inch in the rear.
> Eibach, I think, only does lowering coils, with the stock coil
> rates.  Basically looks only.  I've heard that one could modify the Eibach
>  springs to be a nice package though...
> H&R, I think, has a bit stiffer spring all around than the stock
> springs, lowers the car about 3/4 of an inch front & back.
> Could somebody fill me in about anything I may be missing about the
> above products?

Here is info I got from H&R about their springs. This is obvious
bias but hope it helps out. This is not meant to be any advertising 
of any sorts but being in the business I can help with some direct 
info from certain manufacturers. If this offends anyone I will not 
post any further info period. 

>From Roland Graef Spring Specialist H&R Springs:

29616= Audi 5000/100/200 Typ. 44, 1984-88.
Approx. Lowering=1.5 inches Front, 1.4 inches Rear
Actual working spring rate is: 175 lbs. per inch front, 220 lbs. per 
inch rear.

29800=Audi 200 20V Typ. 44, 1989-91
Approx. Lowering= 1.5 inches Front, 1.4 inches Rear
Actual working spring rate is: 175 lbs. per inch front, 265 lbs. per
inch rear.
The Audi 5000/200 needs a spring kit that gives good handling and 
looks.  But a luxury sedan needs to retain a smooth driving appeal 
with precise handling.  H&R Springs do this for the Audi 5000/200